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The dslx academy is a flexible writers’ retreat

Its core purpose is to help you charge more for your mind, feed your curiosity, and become the beast writer you can be. All at a growth pace you’re comfy with.

Whether you work for a content agency, are a freelance writer, or want to make this year the year you finally publish your novel, this course is for you.

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what's on at the academy

Flagship modules

Once a quarter we’ll release flagship modules. These modules will take 5-6 weeks to complete, be packed with video learning materials, downloadables, quizzes, written assignments, and you’ll get live feedback on your work from a member of the dslx team. Writers will earn different badges when completing each module that will be displayed next to their name if published on the dslx resources hub.

micro masterclasses

Micro masterclasses are released monthly and deal with more pressing topics in the content community. These classes will typically range from 1-3 hours and will be a mix of video and written content. They’ll include quizzes, and assignments will receive written feedback from a member of the dslx team. Get you unstuck and on your way.

Homework & cheat sheets

We’ll pepper masterclasses and modules with homework and cheat sheets. These will range from handy downloadable reference materials for when you’re stuck in the weeds to templates & SOPs to personalized yoga classes for the writing community. Need something specific? Let us know and we’ll build it for you.


loved by students

Deepali Kishtwal

Freelance Content Writer for B2B

"Now this was a course that covers everything there's to know about storytelling! It's comprehensive, detailed, and filled with examples and relatable anecdotes. It's structured in a way that takes you from the basics to the advanced-level concepts of writing—be it forming the best hooks and endings or nailing your writing style. The business storytelling skills I'm taking away from this course are surely going to be reflected in my upcoming assignments. It'll make my writing more clean, organized, and flowy, which my clients are going to love! I'd recommend this course to anyone who tells stories in their day-to-day lives—be it content creators, marketers, business blog writers, authors, founders, or anyone struggling to create impact through their words."

Armin Tanovic

Junior B2B SaaS Content Writer and Editor

“The Art of Storytelling delves deep into the writing techniques and practices that make any story truly riveting. With each topic segmented into digestible chunks and peppered with relatable examples, it was easy to implement Ray’s valuable tips right from the start. I saw a difference in my writing almost immediately! It gave me the foundation for infusing storytelling techniques into my content and growing my confidence as a writer. The Art of Storytelling is for anyone who wants to write brand content or fiction that engages and connects with readers on a deeper level.”

Evangelia Stergiou

SEO Copywriter and Content Writer

“The Art of Storytelling course unravels the mastery behind a good story. Ray infuses his knowledge in a simple and explicit way with real-world examples that you can relate to. Along with best practices, tips, and techniques, the course provided me with the skills and, more importantly, the confidence to write captivating stories and overcome my pitfalls. If you want to write in a way that truly connects with the readers and keeps them eagerly anticipating the next twist, then this is the course for you.”

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