what on earth is dslx?

dslx is a mission-driven creative writing agency. We craft a unique look, feel, and story to evolve your brand experience, all while empowering minority group writers to write.

Meet the team
our story

how we started

Founded by Ray, a dyslexic writer, dslx aims to change the way the world reads and writes with diverse content.

dslx is a hand-picked hub of creative, talented, and specialized writers helping in-house content teams achieve growth with quality content.

Think of us as the ‘writers next door.‘ We may not share the same office kitchen, but we’ll certainly pop by when you call. And, we’ll never steal your lunch.

march 2020

Ray was working as a content and social media manager in-house. The world went into lockdown. Ray’s salary was cut, and he started freelance writing to make ends meet.

july 2020

Ray walked out of that first lockdown with 4 clients. He quit the coworking job.

june 2021

Ray’s portfolio of SaaS brands doubled. With each publication came more interest for work.

july 2021

Ella joined Ray part-time, and the pair recruited 50+ freelance writers for the agency’s books. dslx was born.

september 2021

The first version of the dslx brand and website went live—hello, monsters! Ella went full-time. dslx brought on more clients and a new team member: Cris!


dslx collectively published 1,000+ projects. We added SEO management to our services and started larger content partnerships. We established an internship program with a UK-based University, and the team grew once more—enter: Liv!


The SaaS winter hit and dslx battled through the giant ebbs and flows of working in the tech space. We were inundated with writer applications (100+) which eventually led to Armin joining the team.

Our product offering grew further to LinkedIn content, and we launched our first course for freelance writers: The Art of Storytelling.


We launched the dslx academy: a subscription-based online school to help freelance writers improve their skills.

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how we work

our approach

We embody the spirit of kindness, harness the power of diversity, and create lasting impact through words.


Kindness in every word

At dslx, we believe in the transformative power of kindness and in creating compassionate collaborations. That’s why we infuse kindness into every interaction, every word, and every collaboration. We think of communications like cupcakes: delightful, bite-size, manageable, pieces of joy.


Leading through collaboration

Collaboration is our cornerstone. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to unearth their visions and align our expertise to craft content that resonates. To our clients, we're like an extension of their team.


Thoughtful use of language

Our language is conscious of others, we never assume—pronouns, cultures, or knowledge. We are cautious with what we say and always consider the reader.


Harnessing technical knowledge

Through our thorough SEO consulting services, we unlock the "why" behind the data, empowering our clients to make meaningful changes that positively impact their readers and revenue.

our team

Meet the team

When dslx first started, it was a content agency working with minority-group freelance writers to produce high-quality content for budding tech startups. However, it has evolved into a full-funnel content marketing and SEO agency. The company grew, just as our clients needed us to.

Today, dslx counts with six in-house team members, over 50 freelance writers, and a partner SEO team—together working to make the mission a reality.