Influencer management <span class="is-softi-hero">to feed those ogre-rithms</span>

<span class="text-size-medium">Tap into our hub of business influencers—micro to macro, and spanning across industries—to build the perfect LinkedIn-focussed rush. We’ll manage your entire influencer campaign, handle community management throughout, and ensure your vision goes viral.</span>

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“Get ready with me” to <span class="is-softi">make your brand boom</span>

<span class="text-size-medium">Tap into our hub of business influencers—little to large, and spanning across industries—to build the perfect LinkedIn-focussed rush.</span>

<br /><br /><span class="text-size-medium">Our LinkedIn influencer campaigns are perfect if you’re looking to cause a splash with a new product launch, get the right people talking about your brand, or massively expand the reach of your release.</span>

<br /><br /><span class="text-size-medium">Or, if you’re finding sales or LinkedIn growth stuck in that 10-20 reaction rut, let us break you out by directing new traffic to your doorstep from perfect-fit communities via those LinkedIn faces people know and trust.</span>

Know the influencers you’re working with

We’ll present you with audience insights for your influencers, including reach, impressions, and posting etiquette. We’ll include demographics too: audience job titles, locations, industries, seniority, company size, and companies. You’ll know exactly who you’re accessing with each account.

Turning influencers into brand ambassadors

We’ll only work with people we think are a fit with your mission, vision, and offering. To influence authentically, they need to believe in what you do. The result? We don’t just find you influencers for your campaign, we often pair you with brand champions and ambassadors that take your story with them.

One report, hundreds of opportunities

If you’ve ever tried to manage influencers before, especially on a large-scale campaign with multiple influencers at play, you’ll know it’s not far off from herding cats. We’re not only taking away the stress of juggling so many moving parts, we’re also wrapping things up into one report, so you can see the success of your campaign in one place.

Micro to macro: a campaign to suit

Just because someone has more followers or connections, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best fit for your campaign. We’ll match you with influencers that are within your budget, while ensuring a best-fit for your campaign goals. Perhaps you just need one big shot, or perhaps you need 20 micro-influencers. Let us figure it out.

Leave the admin to us

From contracts to payments, we’ll handle the lot. We’ll put all the contracts and compliance policies in place, meaning you’ll never be at liability as dslx will be contracting the influencers on your behalf. You’ll also have one invoice no matter how many influencers you work with—your finance team will thank us later.

Optional on-site event management

If you’re taking things offline with an event, then we’re on board. Your account manager will fly into the event and make sure everyone’s confident, comfy, and creating. We’ll be there to help your guests ensure they’re getting “the shot” so they can relax and enjoy the event—in turn, posting about it more authentically.

Sally Lee

ex-Head of Brand & Communications @ Codility

"I'm incredibly impressed with Ray's and the dslx team's work—from content ideation to creation and optimization. The ability to create high-quality content enabled us to articulate our brand value, build trust with our audience, and grow our website traffic."

Rachel Whitehead

VP of Marketing @ ChartMogul

"dslx quickly became an extension of our team; partnering with us to mature our SEO program and taking a lot of the heavy lifting off our shoulders. They quickly identified top priority areas and low-hanging fruit, and built a realistic plan to get us meaningful results within the quarter."

Vienna Urias

Senior Content Marketing Manager @ Codility

“Working with DSLX has been an absolute game-changer for our LinkedIn strategy. The entire team are thorough, dedicated, organized, and creative. Their approach brought a fresh and strategic perspective to our content. During our partnership with DSLX, we witnessed a consistent uptick in both follower growth and engagement, showcasing their unparalleled expertise in elevating our presence on LinkedIn.”

Influencer Management done right starts here!

<span class="text-size-medium">Get in touch to see what dslx can do for your influencer campaign.</span>

We don’t bite

Why us

How we build a <span class="is-softi">buzz for your business</span>


We’re people people

Our core communication value across dslx is to deliver comms in cupcakes. With each message from a dslx team member, we aim to deliver small, bite-size pieces of joy that leave someone smiling: a virtual cupcake. This value enables us to genuinely connect with everyone we work with.


We’re well-connected

We’ve never burned a bridge, in fact, we actively maintain them. Whether we’re working with influencers today, or have worked with them in the past, we keep relationships up which enables us to tap back into them in an authentic way. Why? Because we genuinely care.


Need production? No problem

We work closely with photographers, videographers, models, all types of designers, and more. If you’re looking for production—from shoot to publishing—we can work this into scope for you.


We’ve got the experience, minus the wrinkles

We’re pretty old, and we just hope it’s not showing. With 10+ years in brand social media management, our team was at the forefront of some of the very first influencer campaigns. Our knowledge and experience enable us to innovate while relying on foundations we know work.



Influencer campaigns on LinkedIn <span class="is-softi">FAQs</span>

<span class="text-size-medium">Here are some questions that often pop up for new customers.</span>

What are the best b2b influencer management agencies on the market?

The truth is, there really aren’t many. dslx is one of the few agencies offering this services with their extensive network of B2B professionals originating from their content creation services. There’s a huge demand in the marketing for influencer campaigns on LinkedIn and dslx are filling that gap.

Who are the top business influencers?

Some of the business influencers on LinkedIn with the highest reach at the moment are: Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss, Ann Handley, and Steven Bartlett.

How do I manage a LinkedIn influencer campaign?

There are a lot of influencer hubs out there at the moment, but the platforms just aren’t working. People need to work with people, and you’ll need to work with an agency if you’re hoping to run an influencer campaign that’s actually going to drive results.