LinkedIn Management: <span class="is-softi-hero">fe fi fo fumb-stopping content</span>

<span class="text-size-medium">We’ll work with you on your thought topics, personal brand mission, vision, and tone, and thread everything into regular account activity. We’ll comment on other posts, host conversations on your own, and bring VA-style management to your inbox along the way.</span>

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Keeping things personal <span class="is-softi">while you stay productive</span>

LinkedIn check:

Posting daily when business is low and then ghosting your followers for weeks at a time when things pick up again?

LinkedIn posting sitting on the to-do list so long it’s now just a decoration on the page?

Nodding your head?

Ray, here. I get it. From one leader to another, it’s tough. Everything else seems to take priority over the channel, but when we’re in times of need it’s where we go first. Constantly having to be authentic, craft your story, and seem human—it’s exhausting.

Leave LinkedIn page management to us, while you get on with the rest of that to-do list.

Access a continuous competitor analysis

Understand what your competitors, or those you admire are doing, where they’re singing, failing, and where you can thrive alongside them.

Content strategy build and maintenance

Flesh out a content strategy that’s in line with your personal brand, business messaging, and where you want to take your mission.

Ensure you’re delivering authentic insights from your experiences and giving people a reason to follow the journey.

Consistent content creation & posting

We’ll keep your formats fun and your fans on their thumbs. We’ll post a range of videos, graphics, plain texts, polls, memes (if you let us), images, and more to keep your feed as fresh as a hot brew of the good stuff.

Daily community management

Whether you’re hosting or just stopping by, be part of the conversation. LinkedIn is a two-way street, and to cater to the good kind of traffic we’ll handle all your community management including comments on your published posts and thoughtfully contributing to other posts.

VA-style inbox management

Inbox swamped with sales and AI fluff? Amen. We’ll cut through the noise for you, hosting authentic conversations, building relationships, and passing on any people you’ll want to know about. We’ll give you a full brief on the person, no more scrolling back to hello.

Monthly reports you can use elsewhere

We’ll deliver you audience insights to your inbox once a month. We’ll highlight some business opportunities, industry insights, and any top fans worth taking note of. Tap into personalized social listening data, hot topics, and brand sentiment, delivered as fresh and fast as your favorite newsletter.

Sally Lee

ex-Head of Brand & Communications @ Codility

"I'm incredibly impressed with Ray's and the dslx team's work—from content ideation to creation and optimization. The ability to create high-quality content enabled us to articulate our brand value, build trust with our audience, and grow our website traffic."

Rachel Whitehead

VP of Marketing @ ChartMogul

"dslx quickly became an extension of our team; partnering with us to mature our SEO program and taking a lot of the heavy lifting off our shoulders. They quickly identified top priority areas and low-hanging fruit, and built a realistic plan to get us meaningful results within the quarter."

Vienna Urias

Senior Content Marketing Manager @ Codility

“Working with DSLX has been an absolute game-changer for our LinkedIn strategy. The entire team are thorough, dedicated, organized, and creative. Their approach brought a fresh and strategic perspective to our content. During our partnership with DSLX, we witnessed a consistent uptick in both follower growth and engagement, showcasing their unparalleled expertise in elevating our presence on LinkedIn.”

LinkedIn Management for busy beasts

<span class="text-size-medium">Let dslx feed the ogre-rithm for your personal brand.</span>

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Why us

Championing you in <span class="is-softi">4 chapters</span>


Understanding you, and warming things up

We’ll spend month one understanding your audience and ICP, crafting your personal brand strategy, and defining your style documents. We’ll warm your audience up with a couple of posts per week, split testing time to post, formats, and style choices to figure out what’s resonating with your followers. We want your posting journey to feel authentic and self-led.


Linkedin management & playground

Next, we’re ready to handle your community management, inbox (DMs), and post more regularly. This month, we’ll explore different thought topics and begin to collect audience inputs to inspire further content (UIC). We’ll start to build a hub of your most engaging followers and ensure we water those relationships as we go.


Your LinkedIn page is at full pace

By now, we’ve knuckled down on what’s working and what isn’t and adjusted your strategy accordingly. We’re posting quality and quantity, proving you can have your cupcake and eat it. By this point, we’ll be delivering EOM growth reports, and only calling on you for re-strategizing decisions.


Leave your LinkedIn on play

That’s it! You focus on what you love, and we’ll get to work on what we love. Your account manager will keep you in the loop on prospects, growth, and request approval where necessary. Aside from that, we’ve got it covered.



Personal brand management on LinkedIn <span class="is-softi">FAQs</span>

<span class="text-size-medium">Here are some questions that often pop up for new customers.</span>

How do I create a personal brand on LinkedIn in 2024?

Uff, good question. It comes with a lot of heart, transparency, and posting what people really want to hear about. You’ll need to define your personal content pillars and figure out a style and format that your followers are familiar with. Tell micro stories every day.

What can you do with your LinkedIn profile to increase your brand?

Posting regularly and authentically is the best way to get noticed. Remember, no-one remembers anyone for being normal; embrace your weird, your dreams, your crazy, and dare to be different. At the same time, technical tweaks like optimizing your bio, an eye-catching profile photo, and following relevant hashtags are good too!

How do I write a personal brand statement on LinkedIn?

Fill in the gaps: I provide <product/service> to those <types of customers> in a <your work culture> journey with a <your type of voice> way of working. I strive to help you feel <desired feeling for customers> and <desired impact you want to make>.