Holistic LinkedIn Management <span class="is-softi-hero">for busy teams</span>

<span class="text-size-medium">POV: Superb storytelling, on the daily. LinkedIn feeds are fast, but we’re faster. Make the most of LinkedIn with brand building management services. Perfect for busy people with everywhere to be.</span>

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Stay connected, confident, and <span class="is-softi">creating on social</span>

<span class="text-size-medium">LinkedIn is a lucrative marketing tool for organic lead acquisitions and powerful business or personal branding.</span>

<br /><span class="text-size-medium">It makes sense, 4 out of 5 people on LinkedIn drive business decisions and a whopping 40% of B2B marketers said that LinkedIn was the most lucrative channel for driving high-quality leads. There’s no wonder you want in. But, being “Linked in” can be exhaustin’.</span>

<br /><span class="text-size-medium">Whether you’re looking to increase your brand presence, lift an executive as a thought leader, or want to cause the good kind of scene with relevant business influencers, you’re in the right place.</span>

LinkedIn Business Management

Stop “going to market,” and bring the market to your digital doorstep instead. Stay top of feeds and finds, with our business page management services.

We’ll keep tabs on competitors, stay in line with your overall content strategy, handle daily posting and community management, and report back to your marketing team each month.

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LinkedIn Personal Brand Management

For busy founders and execs, that need to hold lucrative LinkedIn real-estate, but with calendars that say otherwise.  

We’ll work with you on your thought topics, personal brand mission, vision, and tone, and thread everything into regular account activity. We’ll comment on other posts, host conversations on your own, and bring VA-style management to your inbox along the way.

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LinkedIn Influencer Campaigns

Perfect for product teams looking to cause a fuss. Or, founders wanting to give their profile or brand a hefty bump in LinkedIn’s algorithm.

Tap into our hub of business influencers—micro to macro, and spanning across industries—to build the perfect LinkedIn-focussed rush. We’ll manage your entire influencer campaign, handle community management throughout, and ensure your vision goes viral.

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Sally Lee

ex-Head of Brand & Communications @ Codility

"I'm incredibly impressed with Ray's and the dslx team's work—from content ideation to creation and optimization. The ability to create high-quality content enabled us to articulate our brand value, build trust with our audience, and grow our website traffic."

Rachel Whitehead

VP of Marketing @ ChartMogul

"dslx quickly became an extension of our team; partnering with us to mature our SEO program and taking a lot of the heavy lifting off our shoulders. They quickly identified top priority areas and low-hanging fruit, and built a realistic plan to get us meaningful results within the quarter."

Vienna Urias

Senior Content Marketing Manager @ Codility

“Working with DSLX has been an absolute game-changer for our LinkedIn strategy. The entire team are thorough, dedicated, organized, and creative. Their approach brought a fresh and strategic perspective to our content. During our partnership with DSLX, we witnessed a consistent uptick in both follower growth and engagement, showcasing their unparalleled expertise in elevating our presence on LinkedIn.”

Why us

Our unique approach to a <span class="is-softi">LinkedIn partnership you’ll love</span>


Going beyond the personas

We take the time to read the documentation that you’ve poured your heart into. Then we’ll take things a level deeper, asking questions that go beyond personas and reach the people behind the positions.

We’ll listen, learn, and deliver you an approach worth posting about.


Create. Post. Recreate.

We are doers. Yes, we need a strategy, but we’re not afraid to get stuck in and start creating with an MVP. We’ll create, post, and learn from our engagement metrics.

Each day our strategy evolves, but we won’t just report on it, we’ll act on it.


Championing every voice

At its heart, LinkedIn is about fostering community, and it’s something many forget when using the channel.

At dslx, we take note of every person who takes the time to write and engage with our content, and will do exactly the same with yours. We’ll build a list of your top ambassadors and champion them as we go.



Linkedin management <span class="is-softi">FAQs</span>

<span class="text-size-medium">Here are some questions that often pop up for new customers.</span>

Can I hire someone to manage my LinkedIn?

Yes! You’ll need to be prepared to grant access to your account, whether that’s your business or personal LinkedIn page, but it is possible to do so. LinkedIn business pages can grant different levels of access to different people, ranging from super admins to analyst roles. Whereas, personal pages will need complete access.

What does a LinkedIn social media manager do?

A LinkedIn social media manager takes care of everything from day-to-day posting, community management, inbox management, and reporting. They’re in charge of your channel’s success. They need to be fast on their fingers, know their way around Canva, and use good storytelling tactics to be successful in the role.

How do I manage my business LinkedIn account?

A few ways. You’ll want to build a content strategy, take a dive into your competitors’ channels, and ask your audience what they expect from you. From there, you can begin to build out a content calendar that resonates with your mission, figure out style, posting times, and content topics, and start focusing on building a community.