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Case study: Bonsai

The challenge

Bonsai needed to rewrite 100+ product pages to better fit their tone and style as well as provide better information to their users about the use and utility of their templates.

The solution

The dslx team worked closely with the Bonsai team to choose the best style of writing and information that needed to be explained for each product page. What was important was to showcase the templates and ensure all possible answers that users might have during the decision and usage stage could be answered upfront. 

Additionally, dslx provided unique images that explained the product in even greater detail; users knew exactly what to do, and where to look for it

The results

“dslx helped Bonsai rewrite over 100 product pages. The content they created for us was SEO optimized, included unique graphics, and was a huge uplift in copy quality compared to the pages we currently had. I was able to trust the team to deliver quantity and quality week-on-week. Their efforts helped Bonsai win 15,000 new site visits and a 27% uplift in leads in under six months.”
– Cary Hastings, Head of Content @ Bonsai

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In less than 6 months, the 100+ rewritten product pages managed to achieve the following results:

  • 15,000 new site visits
  • 27% increase in leads

Product pages are some of the main ways your users and potential customers will get a glimpse at what you do–and how you do it. It’s crucial to make sure the language you're using, your messaging, and the overall presentation and information on these pages are what your clients are looking for. They help to convert and better manage in-app expectations. 

And hey, whether you need brand new content, or you’re thinking of optimizing or rewriting old content, you know where to find us!

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How do you handle writing about complex topics related to any industry?

We work with a pool of vetted talent. Each writer specializes in an industry or niche, making no topic complex, just relevant to the writer. At the same time, we source industry experts to share their knowledge and provide unique angles outside of what’s already out there.

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Yes! Every account—little or large—gets a dedicated account manager. We pride ourselves in offering one POC, to keep your comms smooth and your growth manageable—no matter how many people we’ve got at work behind the scenes!

How do you handle writing about complex topics related to any industry?
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