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Case study: Bungalow

The challenge

Bungalow wanted to attract potential customers who would be visiting the areas where they offer their services. 

The solution

dslx created content that ranked the ‘best neighborhoods’ in each city Bungalow operates in. We wanted it to bring actual value to readers not focusing too much on injecting keywords throughout the text but on making it a useful resource for those considering moving to the area. 

Our team performed thorough research of the cities that included insider knowledge from various locals. To be able to rank these cities fairly, dslx created a system where each city neighborhood was ranked from 1 - 5 on categories like Shopping & Restaurants, Schools, Walkability, and other highly relevant factors readers want to know when considering moving to a new area. This helped ensure the content was as accurate as possible. Here’s what our research ended up looking like.

A screenshot showing an excel sheet of how the research was performed for this client.

Thanks to dslx and Bungalow’s team, 21 niche, and unique city guides for their most important cities & markets were published on Bungalow’s website. Let’s take a look at the results. 

A screenshot showing one of the blogs written by dslx for Bungalow.
Source: Bungalow

The results

In less than 10 months Bungalow managed to go from zero to over 500,000 unique page views thanks to the city guides. Additionally, many now rank first on various local, high-intent keywords like ‘best neighborhoods New York,’ best neighborhoods Los Angeles,’ and ‘best neighborhoods Chicago.’

  • Total Page Views: 747K
  • Unique Page Views: 570K
  • Average time on page: 1:20 min
  • 100K unique users per month
  • Ranking at #1 are Boston, Chicago, and Atlanta
  • Ranking at #2 are NYC, Los Angeles, and Miami
  • All other cities are ranked on the first page of Google

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A screenshot showing the pageviews for various URLs of Bungalow that were created by dslx.

The top five cities in terms of total traffic are Chicago, LA, Austin, Boston, and Philadelphia–all highly competitive areas and keywords. 

By focusing on providing value for users looking for high-intent keywords, dslx and Bungalow managed to increase page visits substantially in just ten months. This proves that quality content will always be the best way to attract potential customers—Google’s getting smarter every day and it’s learning new ways to champion original content over SEO breadcrumbs. 

A screenshot of the Google search for "best neighborhood los angeles" that shows Bungalow as the first organic result.
A screenshot of the Google search for "best neighborhood chicago" that shows Bungalow as the first organic result.

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How do you handle writing about complex topics related to any industry?
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