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Case study: Chameleon

The challenge

Chameleon wants to position themselves on the top of search engines to prove their thought leadership. They want to offer blogs that people in their industry can use as resources, not just blogs to promote their products or are clearly prioritizing Google over people. 

The solution

Thanks to dslx and Chameleon’s content team, great quality content is regularly created. Content that really answers questions and explains topics that people in the industry are looking for. 

The content is produced through thorough research and highlights key industry knowledge in quotes from those at the top of their game. This combo gives these articles social proof for readers and provides value via real-life experiences and unique view points.

The results

In the time working with Chameleon, together we’ve managed to produce:

  • More than 50 high-quality articles
  • More than 15 articles sitting in the top three positions in Google for their key term
  • New articles achieving a first-page rank on Google
  • Top articles continuously getting more than 2K monthly page views

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By focusing on providing value for product teams looking to solve their daily SaaS problems, dslx and Chameleon manage to increase page visits substantially and rank at the top positions of Google while still writing for humans.

We put the SEO keyword tools aside with Chameleon and focus on quality with keywords as a softer guide. This proves that quality content will always be the best way to attract potential customers and bring true value to future Chameleon users.

SEO will help you increase your chances of ranking high, but only great articles will keep you at the top–write for humans first, and for search engines second

A graphic showing dslx's content overview with Chameleon. 2K monthly organic page views. 50+ high-quality articles. 15+ articles ranking in the top 3 of Google SERPs.

Are you ready to create high-quality content that your ICPs are looking for and will actually use? Let’s have a chat and see how together we can create content that brings value to your readers while bringing views, visits, and potential new customers to you.

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Here are some questions that often pop up for new customers.

How do you handle writing about complex topics related to any industry?

We work with a pool of vetted talent. Each writer specializes in an industry or niche, making no topic complex, just relevant to the writer. At the same time, we source industry experts to share their knowledge and provide unique angles outside of what’s already out there.

Will there be a dedicated project manager assigned to my project?

Yes! Every account—little or large—gets a dedicated account manager. We pride ourselves in offering one POC, to keep your comms smooth and your growth manageable—no matter how many people we’ve got at work behind the scenes!

How do you handle writing about complex topics related to any industry?
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