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Case study: Skale

The challenge

Skale wanted to improve visits to their blog, as well as increase thought leadership and brand awareness.

The solution

dslx and the Skale team worked on posting highly-relevant articles showcasing Skale’s SEO knowledge and understanding of everything that makes a site rank.

The main focus of the articles was to include subject matter expert input throughout topics to provide real value to readers. As well as truly going in on how to make the topic and the SEO knowledge actionable to readers. 

Skale’s SEO team and dslx's writers understand that there are two main readers you need to address: potential customers and Google. This means we created high-value content that proved for human readers—showcasing we know what we’re talking about. We also wrote in a way that Google would understand what we were about too. 

This means using SEO tactics like optimizing headings and images, including FAQs for rich snippets, using Surfer and other SEO software to ensure we are including necessary keywords, and much more. 

If your content is of the highest quality but does not follow Google’s guidelines and SEO best practices, it won’t get you very far. Just as a piece of content that’s a shower of keywords won’t get you any real readers. You need to write for both

The results

In a year, the articles written for Skale managed to almost double the number of unique page views to the site. Considering the specific keywords Skale wanted to rank for and their high demand, this is a fantastic achievement. 

A screenshot showing the increase in organic traffic.

4,430 unique page views in Jan 2022 vs 8,273 in Jan 2023

Additionally, we also achieved positions #1 and #2 for the high-difficulty, high-intent keyword ‘SaaS marketing’ in five target countries, and also obtained top positions for various other essential keywords:

  • SaaS email marketing, #2 in the US
  • SaaS marketing team structure, #2 in the US
  • SaaS marketing tools, #1 in the US

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A screenshot showing that for the keyword "saas email marketing" the agency ranks at number 2 on SERP.
A screenshot showing that for the keyword "saas marketing team structure" the agency ranks at number 2 on SERP.
A screenshot showing that for the keyword "saas marketing tools" the agency ranks on the first spot of SERPs.

Total impressions for our articles remain at 100K+, and the star article for Skale: “What is SaaS Marketing? A 2023 SaaS Marketing Guide” is currently achieving almost 5K clicks, and getting more than 500K impressions. 

A screenshot of Google Search Control showing total clicks and impressions.
A screenshot showing the agency ranking at the top of SERPs in different countries or the keywords "saas marketing" and "saas digital marketing".

By focusing on providing real value for users looking for high-intent keywords, dslx and Skale have managed to increase page visits and help build thought leadership in such a busy market: SEO. 

Getting valuable input from SMEs, thoroughly researching the topics, as well as making sure articles are well formatted so readers are attracted and invited to keep reading is the way to go–something no AI bot will achieve. 😉

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We work with a pool of vetted talent. Each writer specializes in an industry or niche, making no topic complex, just relevant to the writer. At the same time, we source industry experts to share their knowledge and provide unique angles outside of what’s already out there.

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How do you handle writing about complex topics related to any industry?
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