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Case study: TITAN Containers


TITAN Containers wanted to improve the position of their UK local storage pages. Some were ranking, but they were in positions between 10 and 30+ in SERPs. As their services are location-specific they needed their pages to rank in the first place so the right customers could find them.

Additionally, they needed to create new pages for some of their locations and services. 


Thanks to dslx, TITAN Containers was able to optimize and rewrite most of their pages that needed to rank higher for the UK as well as publish new content that is now ranking at the top of SERPs. To do this, dslx performed in-depth keyword, intent, and competitor research, and wrote new content that answered the user needs and the business offerings. 

Depending on the intent found for each keyword and location, the content was created to better showcase TITAN’s services in the specific locations and to answer all the questions potential customers might have. The selection of appropriate language for each location was also researched and changed accordingly (eg. some cities in the UK prefer to say motorbike instead of motorcycle). 

The content was produced through data-driven and qualitative interview research, both helping to develop a deep understanding of TITAN’s customers.

For the optimizations, dslx did the following:

  • Wording was improved to be more engaging and location-specific
  • The descriptions and content were updated to captivate the reader’s attention better
  • SEO best practices were put into place but a user-centric approach trumped keyword placements
  • Storytelling techniques were used to craft content that readers actually enjoyed reading

These optimizations gave the content a fresh new take and allowed Google’s algorithm to properly rank the content. 

For the creation of new landing pages, dslx did the following:

  • Keyword research was performed to understand what the intent of the term was, what users needed
  • Competitor research was performed to understand what competitor’s results were nailing and what they lacked to fully answer the search intent of the readers
  • Brand tone of voice and messaging were studied to create new pages that were in line with their guidelines
  • Content was crafted by proposing images, sections, the hierarchy of titles, and CTA’s 
  • All content was originally drafted and edited by human content writers following dslx’s standards of storytelling, research, and SEO

These new pieces of content managed to land at the top of SERPs thanks to the attention to detail and user-centric approach followed by dslx’s team. 

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After just three months of having published the optimized and new pages, these were the results.

Out of the pages optimized, they now have 18 pages in the top 5, of which 12 are in the top 3. Three pages that used to not appear in the first 30 SERPs now appear in 4th, 12th, and 16th positions. 

The new pages created have averaged a position #8 on the SERPs. This means that in just three months new content is already ranking in the top 10. 

Remember, these are results in just three months! What does this teach us? SEO and human-centered writing does bring results, and you don’t have to wait 6+ months to see them!

By being able to study the competition, and write articles that really answered the customer’s needs by showcasing the client’s services, it was possible to increase the ranking of various pages fast—and have freshly published content end on the top of the SERPs.

In dslx, we care about SEO, but our priority will always be humans. By writing content that algorithms like and humans love, we’ve managed to increase the traffic of TITAN Containers by 300%

“It’s been a pleasure to work with dslx. They are a dedicated team, who are great at communicating and giving project updates. In dslx, we have found a trusted partner that’s always on time with our projects—this is key for me!”—Rasmus Nørgaard, Group CMO at TITAN Containers

New page created for motorcycle storage in the UK

A screenshot of a Google search for "motorcycle storage" showing the third organic result is for TITAN Containers.
Above you can see the new page created for motorcycle storage ranking in 3rd place
Above you can see the page we optimized has won featured snippet, first ranking on Google Maps, and first organic place

Are you ready to create or optimize your content so that your users actually find it useful? Let’s have a chat and see how we can help you repurpose and update your content so that it hits home with your customers. 

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How do you handle writing about complex topics related to any industry?
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