Content & SEO  <span class="is-softi-hero">to sink your teeth into</span>

<span class="text-size-medium">Technical audits, keyword research, content writing, KPI setting, where do you start? The short answer? Right here.</span>

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what we do

Content & SEO management <span class="is-softi">done right</span>

Technical SEO

Let’s start behind the scenes. We run an in-depth technical audit. We consider factors like site load speed, duplicate content, site mapping, link structures, images, and more.

Competitor analysis & keyword research

Next, the dslx team spends time identifying search terms your ICPs use and are inline with your growth plans. We filter those keywords to funnel stages, ease of ranking, and topic clusters.

On-page optimization

We assign your old content a keyword and in-demand angle, before optimizing the piece for its new term. We focus on the heart and angle of the article, title tags, internal links, new media, keywords, updated research, and more.

Content strategy

We build a realistic content strategy going on our research, where your site’s at, and where you want it to go. We focus on: search volume, ease of ranking, potential leads, sales, and account for competition.

Content creation and optimization

This is where it all started for dslx, crafting content and changing the way the world shares stories. We understand people, and promote real stories from real people. You’ll never see a 101 guide from us, our content is unique, with purpose, and resonates where it matters. SEO gets you on top, quality keeps you there.

Keyword monitoring and KPI reporting

We continuously track the ranking position of your website’s pages and re-strategize how to keep your on that Google podium. We’ll let you know the ROI of your SEO, so you have a clear understanding of what your efforts are achieving.

Elena Luchita

Head of Content @ Maze

“dslx always goes the extra mile to make sure we create valuable content for our audience, whether by interviewing experts, keeping SEO requirements in mind, or understanding and writing in our brand voice. I highly recommend working with dslx on any of your content needs–you'll be in good hands!"

Rachel Whitehead

VP of Marketing @ ChartMogul

"dslx quickly became an extension of our team; partnering with us to mature our SEO program and taking a lot of the heavy lifting off our shoulders. They quickly identified top priority areas and low-hanging fruit, and built a realistic plan to get us meaningful results within the quarter."

Colin James Belyea

ex-Head of Demand Growth @ Bungalow

“Working with dslx was foundational for our organic search channel. They encouraged us to go after highly competitive keywords, and their robust approach to crafting quality content ended with high ranking pages and loads of top of funnel traffic. 10/10, would hire again (and in fact, I have!)”

Content & SEO for busy beasts

<span class="text-size-medium">Too much on your plate? Have us handle everything from strategy to writing to reporting—and everything in between.</span>

We don’t bite

Why us

How and why dslx do <span class="is-softi">content & SEO differently</span>

<span class="text-size-medium">Our mission is to change the way the world shares stories. We started as a content writing agency, and our SEO services came after that. At heart, we’re storytellers, and we’re proving that quality always wins.</span>


Use of ethical and effective SEO techniques

For us, the best SEO techniques are: fair, ethical, and educational. Building content and priming your website is a partnership, and our SEO management strategies put your business’ interests first for long-term results, not sneaky quick wins.


Knowledge of the latest SEO trends

We’re actively interested in identifying innovative ways to boost SEO results for our clients, and our work reflects that. We’re well-connected with Google’s SEO team, and their ever-changing algorithms.


Expert insights trumping AI-driven work

AI has made everyone a writer, which means no-one is. ChatGPT pushed us to hone our craft and publish content that’s beating AI-driven blogs. It’s tough work, but it’s working. Human stories are at the heart of our work, we have a passionate network of thought leaders, providing real-life experiences for every topic we write.


Dedication to delivering high-quality results

We give every project our all, little or large. Our team is dedicated to getting to know your company’s values, priorities and goals, so the results we produce reflect those. Your success is our success.


Proven track record

We’ve provided numerous happy clients with content strategies, SEO management services, and more. We pride ourselves on our results: from lead uptakes to page visitors. Take a look for yourself!


Content & SEO <span class="is-softi">FAQs</span>

<span class="text-size-medium">Here are some questions that often pop up for new customers.</span>

What is the typical timeframe for seeing results from content & SEO management services?

It typically takes between three to six months to see results from content & SEO management services. Nothing will happen overnight, content & SEO management is all about building a strong foundation and keeping up the momentum.

How much do content & SEO management services cost?

Monthly content & SEO management services can range from 2,500€ per month all the way to around 20,000€ per month. It entirely depends on your output goals. We’re striving to make content & SEO accessible for all businesses, little and large, at a price point to match.

Who will be responsible for the content & SEO strategy and management?

Each client has a dedicated account manager, who will direct your customized content & SEO strategy and management. Behind the scenes, there will be writers, a web developer, graphic designers, content and SEO specialists working together to produce an inbound marketing channel that’ll have you flying.