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Case study: Ambl

The Challenge

Ambl, a platform for making reservations at the hottest restaurants and bars in London, approached dslx with a critical goal: to secure the number one spot on Google search results for the keyword "last-minute reservations London." 

They also wanted to enhance their visibility for other relevant keywords related to London's dining and nightlife scene, becoming the go-to app to find the best last-minute reservations in London.

Our Four Steps to Success

We developed a comprehensive SEO and content strategy from the ground up: 

  1. Groundwork: We began by examining Ambl's search data from the previous six months. This analysis provided valuable insights into keyword performance, click-through rates, and overall visibility. 
  2. Competition and audience analysis: We performed thorough competitor research and deeply understood Ambl’s target audience. This informed our go-after keywords as well as our content tone, style, and topics.
  3. SEO optimizations: Drawing from the data collected and analyzed, we implemented technical SEO optimizations to enhance Ambl's website performance and visibility on search engines.
  4. Content creation: We developed new, keyword-driven content tailored to address the specific needs and interests of Ambl's audience. We peppered relevant conversion opportunities into our content.

The Results

In six months, Ambl experienced remarkable growth in search engine rankings and visibility from one calendar year to the next. Here are some key achievements:

  • Increased click-through rates: through targeted SEO optimizations and compelling content, Ambl saw a notable increase in click-through rates, rising from 1% to 1.5%. This indicates that users were more compelled to click on Ambl's search listings.
  • Substantial increase in traffic: the total number of clicks to Ambl's pages from search engines surged dramatically, from 207 to 14,000—a testament to the effectiveness of our SEO and content strategy in driving organic traffic to the platform.
  • 30,000 website visitors in three days: by building seasonal content specific to local weather forecasts, we were able to pre-empt searches. We got Ambl 30k hits in three days (ahead of a London heatwave) with our rooftop bars in London article.  
  • Expanded impressions: impressions, or the number of times Ambl's listings appeared in search results, soared from 21.1k to an impressive 927k. This surge in visibility signifies a broader reach and increased exposure for the brand.
  • Improved keyword ranking: since working with us, Ambl is now ranking for over 450 keywords on the first page of Google, including London restaurants with a view, cool bars Soho, after work drinks London, and many more.
New blog created by dslx for Ambl.
The blog created by dslx ranking at #2 on Google’s organic search results. 
Ambl ranking as the #1 organic search result for the keyword “last-minute reservations London.”

“dslx is hands down the best SEO team we’ve worked with at Ambl. They immediately understood our business and tone of voice and it came across in the content they created from day one. Plus, working with an agency that is constantly thinking ahead and working as an extension of your marketing team is a huge benefit, especially for us as a startup.”

Jed Hackling, COO and Co-Founder at Ambl

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Ambl's pathway to compounding SEO growth, a month in numbers:

  • Higher click-through rates: Ambl's pages achieved an average click-through rate of 1.7%, indicating sustained engagement and interest from searchers
  • Continued growth in traffic: Ambl's pages garnered a total of 3.1k clicks from search engines, demonstrating consistent growth in organic traffic
  • Extended visibility: impressions reached 177k, reflecting ongoing exposure and visibility for Ambl across relevant search queries

Ready to get your rankings and brand where they deserve to be?

The success of Ambl's SEO and content collaboration is rife. Through strategic optimizations and targeted content creation, Ambl has not only secured top rankings for critical keywords but has also seen a great increase in organic traffic and brand visibility—which is exactly what they were looking for

Our work with Ambl is far from finished. We will continue to create content for those looking for a bite, and combine it with our own approach to SEO—thinking about the bots, but always writing for hungry humans, not algorithms. 

The success we saw with Ambl is just proof that with the right combination of great quality content and thorough SEO understanding, everything is possible. 

The question now is, are you ready to improve your SEO and content strategy with an agency that gets your brand? We’re ready when you are

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How do you handle writing about complex topics related to any industry?
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